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new pics and stuff. i bleached out my hair again, but, fear not...the pink still lingers.
i want white hair.
any tips would be appreciated...

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make-up from last week. milani e/s - shock, savvy liquid liner - copper, and under eye i used mac's glitter liner - mercuric

from today
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i love how bloated i look here. seriously, that's why i'm posting this beast.

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LOOK HOW FUCKING STRONG I AM!!!! yeah, right. his other leg is on the ground...danielle just cut off the rest of the pic. Me (Bonequita, my "drag" name) and my assistant manager, Angel (His drag name is Schlongra)

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me happily about to spank my "acting" store manager. yes, i work at a hot topic. please don't take away my punk points!!!!!! i need all i can get.

these are from last week..
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