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Alternative Meow

Comunity for alternative girls and bois

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This Comunity is open to girls, boys, and inbetweens!
Owner: frigidbeauty

Co-Mod: desired_poison

Layout : cressidas_love

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Applicant Rules
[1] You must post your application within 2 days of joining.
[2] Your application must be polite and somewhat interesting (we dont expect you to be a comedian or an entertainer :P)
[3] Your application must be written in english :P
[4] Put your application behind a lj cut
[5] if you are rejected, you may try again a week after the rejection.
[6] put "Meowness" as the application subject line.
[7] You will get a stamp if after the first day you've got a majority of Yes
[8] You must be 14+ to join
[9] You must post at least 4 clear pictures of YOU.
[11] Only accepted members can vote

Member Rules:
[1] Full nudity.
[2] Be polite
[3] when voting, you must give a GOOD reason for your answer!
[4] You may promote other comunities, but return the favour!!
[5] Be a bitch to other applicants & members or you will be banned.
[6] Be active :)
[7] Put your vote in the subject line.
[8] if you're posting more than one picture, please put the others behind a lj cut.
[9] Only accepted members can vote


all promotional banners and stamps are Here

April's Alternative Me-Ow


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